the embodiment of the divine phallus
Project 01

Flora Self-Portrait Serie

    2017 - 2018

Flora Self-Portrait Serie

when nature becomes Human
Project 01

Flora Self-Portrait Serie

    2002 - 2018

Surrealistic Photomanipulation

Project 06

Surrealist Photomanipulation

    2017 summer

Mini Video Project

woman moment life
Project 02

Mini Video Project

    2013 - 2017

Between the Lines

Erotic Lines
Project 03

Between the Lines

    2015 summer

Holes Serie

Vector black/white/red
Project 04

Holes Serie

    2005 - 2014

My Geisha

Vector Shunga Geisha
Project 05

My Geisha



An ART/icle on the Art of Japi Honoo -BLACK XAIN | Ma’sa .X. Lorien

Manipulations and Vector, two forms of the same digital medium you are able to convey your ethereal messages. One that is indicative of how perception manipulates life, how art manipulates life. How life is a product of ones art--how there is no real distinction between life and art. Reality is all perception, guided by whatever you choose to focus on, be it desire or otherwise. The other a look at rawer forms of that perception, that reality, that focus. A push of boundaries to a point of removal. Everything can be played with. Nothing is sacred yet everything is cause for and of pure and divine inspiration. Two paths, forking in different directions like, spread legs, or opened arms all ushered from the same place and returning straight back to it no matter the wandering: Love.

Later with the lines concept: This is what I “hear” and “see”— what I “get” if you will. Outside the digital paper upon which these images– these Lover Letters— are rendered on— the artist has tried to bridge fantasy and reality. And has found that the two lie too far apart. Heartbroken but enraged and changed by the taste of blood in her mouth, she now moves into a series where the artist trades her “painted face” for a dark room. She has removed the cryptic symbols, tossed aside coquettishness, and has become more direct in her desires. Only parts of her can be seen, such as her hand, her lips, part of her legs, an object represents her maybe— but never her whole body; never her complete self. Never her directly. But the situations we find her in are explicit. Or are they? And even what she reveals of herself in this dark room is partially obscured.

“Who is she?” We can’t even see her face anymore.

“What does she want?” A colorful lined “suggestion” of lips, a ball gag, a vulva in the midst of dinner with co-star penis, the ascension of the hem of her dress... it’s obvious what she wants: sex. Or is it? Sometimes the explicit approach is not as simple to decipher. It can be just as cryptic and as loaded as a purposefully symbolic image.

“What’s the story? What is the desire?” She replied simply, “There's no story. It is the cruelty of the end that is the beginning. The desire becomes real. No more dreaming for something that you can imagine. It is the power of sexual energy. The power of my desire...” So if this indeed an expression of the “cruelty of the end” of what I am going to assume was an unrequited love, “the power of sexual energy” is certainly pushing her to “desire” something more substantial than the whimsical and a “dream”.

The sexual nature in her art is unmistakable, even to the point of appearing to be sexual in nature for the sake of being sexual. However it’s sexuality is obscure. Or better yet, its sexual target is obscure. This is more than just another example or exercise of “an artist drawing what they desire; which is what they don’t possess”, This is a complex study of the simply explicit eroticism arising from an implicit nature.

Who is she, now? What is she really after?


Japi art was around the planet Earth

  • The Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts OHIO USA from july to december 2003, digital shows are put on PC compatible computers in a long marble floored gallery named Novak.
  • "JAPANESE" Collective Art show OSAKA, JAPAN from 22 to 28 08.2005, at Taisho Cura Cube.
  • "ANAMORFICA" solo artshow FIGLINE VALDARNO (FI) ITALY from 2 to 28.05.2006, Spazio Expo Culturali GB Design,
  • "TERZO PIANETA A DESTRA " group artshow ALBIGNASEGO (PD) ITALY from 1 to 17.12.2006, Galleria "GALERIA"
  • "PhotoArt best authors 2006 exhibition " group artshow PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC from 21 to 31.01.2007, Pisecka brana Gallery.
  • "ON THE WALL" duo show with Jack O'Hearn ATLANTA, GEORGIA USA from 08.06.2007 to 04.08.2007, NOZOKU Gallery.
  • "DO YOU NOMI? " group show MILANO, ITALY from 25.09.2007 to 25.10.2007, AUS18 gallery.
  • "4th FRIDAY ART AND DINE " group show together Jeffrey Micheal HarpATLANTA, GEORGIA USA from 28.09.2007 to 21.10.2007, NOZOKU Gallery.
  • ArtVerona07 - Fiera d'arte moderna e contemporanea group show VERONA, ITALY from 18.10.2007 to 22.10.2007, Galleria ReartunoStudio
  • "DO YOU NOMI? " group show BERLIN, GERMANY from 22.02.2008 to 09.03.2008, STRYCHNIN GALLERY
  • "DE RERUM DIGITALIS - Festival della Creatività " group show FORTEZZA DA BASSO, FIRENZE, ITALY from 23.10.2008 to 26.10.2008
  • "IL PIACERE " group show PESCARA, ITALY from 28.11.2008 to 30.11.2008, Casa di Gabriele D'Annunzio.
  • "RES PIRA 19: VENUS IN ECO-FURS" CARPI, ITALY 7 december 2008 Mattatoio Culture Club, Video projection Femine Digital Artist
  • "OH OH OH CHRIST! RELIGIUS ICONOGRAPHY "group show SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA USA. from 06.12.2008 to 04.01.2009, Femina Potens GALLERY
  • "PORNOSTART" group show MILANO, ITALY from 26.02.2009 to 19.03.2009, Voghera11 Artgallery
  • "My Doll*Lowbrow Art in Paris" group show PARIS, FRANCE from 18.04.2009 to 13.05.2009, Toast Gallery
  • "WHALELESS" group show ROMA, ITALY from 11.06.2009 to 07.07.2009, TEMPORARY LOVE Gallery
  • "ASTA BENEFICA IOR - a cura di Gian Ruggero Manzoni" group show + asta benefica FAENZA, ITALY from 10.10.2009 to 18.10.2009, Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Ex Chiesa di San Giuseppe
  • "VENUS ROBOTICA" group show PARIS, FRANCE from 15.10.2009 to 28.11.2009, Le Cabinet de Curieux
  • "VENUS ROBOTICA II" group show PARIS, FRANCE sabato 5 dicembre 2009 alle ore 15.00 Le Cabinet des Curieux - Paris
  • "MAGNIFICAT" - 7 artisti in mostra - puglia italia sabato 26 dicembre 2009
  • "Milk Gone Mad Paper Toy Show" Milk Gallery & Design Store giovedì 21 gennaio 2010 alle ore 19.00 - Istanbul, Turkey
  • "NEL CESTINO DI CAPPUCCETTO ROSSO" - SKIN GALLERY Brescia, Italy sabato 18 dicembre 2010
  • "SANRIO for SMILES EXHIBITION" - Milan - Mijapan for japan 2011 giovedi 20 maggio 2011 alle 18:00 to 22 May at 21:00
  • "UNDERGROUND" exhibition at Cabinet des Curieux de Thierry Ruby- Paris from 08 June at 19:30 to 27 August 2011 at 22:30
  • "NEL CESTINO DI CAPPUCCETTO ROSSO" - Saragoza, Spain 07 july 2011
  • HIGASHI NO JOUNETSU (Passion of the East)" GO Gallery 25 November 2011–31 December 2011 - Amsterdam, Holland
  • "INDECENTE" - Napoli, Italy from 14 october 2016 to 24 october 2016
  • "INDECENTE" - Roma, Italy from 08 december 2016 to 08 january 2017


Born on the internet in 1999, "Japi Honoo", what she refers to an her "inner soul's name", is a virtual identity with a human heart, and a strong passion for everything regarding the feminine. Using her affinity to the multifaceted language of the art of Geisha, Japi Honoo explores themes of eroticism, love, loss spirituality and possession through dream-like studies of self-fragmentation and self-exposure. Communicating through digital art and interfaces, Japi Honoo aims to transcend the physical identity with ephemeral ideation. Ever changing fluidity, as noted in her self description, "liquid digital artist".

"My body is Italian but my soul IS ". She will explain simply.

Self taught and continually discovering and expressing a wild and elusive pursuit of Self in an ever-changing age that not even vocal language can readily grasp, art is her path and expression through all image is her language.

In the physical world, Japi Honoo is a mother and resides in Venezia, Italy.

They sayin'...

Time to time someone send me messages. Here some.

“I'm very happy I found your gallery. You are one of the most interesting working minds I have seen recently. The transformation you do with the bodies is incredible, full of imagination and with a nice aesthetical sense. Also all the atmospheres you put in your artworks is magical, impressive, with a lot of emotion, which I like. Take care of your imagination...it's priceless ;) ” Mario S. Nevado, [Aegis-Strife]
“I’ve been following your work for years, and each series/subject you explore and the stories they seem to inspire are just riveting. Having seen posts of your newest series I am in love yet again! Thank you for creativity and your vision!” UalKugo


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